Famous Thai Restaurant

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MahaNaga Restaurant- Indoor

Nothing makes a person experience an immense feeling of contentment than a treat of scrumptious food at MahaNaga Thai Restaurant & Bar. It is a place that vouches for serving pleasant Thai cuisine. Presenting splendid architecture, this place is in the lap of nature and the clientele gets to admire the nature through glass walls looking down on the thriving garden arena bedecked with a fountain.

MahaNaga takes pride in being the ‘Famous Thai Restaurant’ in the city of Bangkok, where the visitors come across unique Thai cuisine that satiates the taste-buds in a delighting manner.

Experience unique flavors in enticing ambience

Amazing blend of sweet, sour, hot and salty flavors, Thai food varieties served at this restaurant are immensely exotic and casts a spell on the food-lovers with very first bite. It’s whole of a new experience to taste the distinctive Thai cuisine served over here with the chefs being way talented in putting together an unforgettable Thai meal.

Allow the Thai hospitality to win your hearts

Well, Thai culture is about luxuries hence upon your visit to this Famous Thai Restaurant you’ll be mighty pleased with the luxury experience that comes along with the good service and fine dining. Thailand is a land of friendliness where respect and politeness are integral part of their culture hence you need not be surprised when you get the same from the staff at the restaurant.

Wide-ranging menu

The Thai menu at this restaurant is very extensive as it ranges from special set, appetizers & salads, soups, main dish, vegetarian varieties, desserts, drinks & wines, etc.

We strive to meet the needs of the customers and offer them the best!