Lovely décor for a blissful evening at Best Restaurant and Bar in Bangkok

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MahaNaga Indoor-outdoor

MahaNaga Thai Fusion Restaurant & Bar ranks highest on ‘The top Restaurants to visit in Bangkok list’. People come here not only for the awesome cuisine and drinks, but also to have an extraordinary experience that is different from home or any other restaurant in town.

What is the buzz about?

Boasting a new bar and a relaxing al fresco area, the menu sees a fusion of the traditional Thai cuisine and the Western ingredients and advanced technology. Internationally recognized as one of the best restaurant and bar in Bangkok, the entire menu is designed by one of the finest chefs in Thailand. The cuisine goes through continuous changes because of the changing tastes and preference of the current Thai people and the foreign tourists. At Mahanaga, Best Restaurant and Bar in Bangkok, they aim at providing the modern, luxurious Thai culture. Located in the Bangkok’s busiest neighborhood, it’s like a flower in the deep forest.

The Bliss that Surrounds Mahanaga

What amazes the visitors the most is the beautiful décor with a mix of Moroccan and Thai styles. Presenting splendid architecture, this place is amidst nature. You come inside the walled-up bungalow finding yourself looking down at the thriving garden arena with a fountain surrounded by high-peaked, lavishly decorated, air conditioned Thai pavilions. The main old house is for private functions only, while the biggest changes are the outdoor seating and the dark and handsome bar. It is the romance that influences the amazing indoor and outdoor seating. The place is ideal for a drink after the tiring day, a date, a private group or for parties.

You must pay your visit to this famous Thai Restaurant and you are sure to get pleased with the luxury experience that comes along with good service and fine dining.